Vegetation characteristics

Dielectric constant measurements during the satellite and aircraft overpasses.

Transect-based measurements of forest properties: DBH (m, at 1.3 m), tree height (m), height to crown (m), LAI (m2 m-2), branch area index (m2 m-2), stem density (# area-1), species identification (species, genus, family), fractional overstory cover (m2 m-2), fractional understory cover (m2 m-2), understory depth (m), fractional necromass cover (m2 m-2), and litter depth (m).

Detailed measurements of canopy characteristics: needle/leaf area (m2), wet and dry mass (kg), angle/orientation (deg), shape (descrip); branch diameter (m), length (m), wet and dry mass (kg), primary and secondary density (# area-1).