Vegetation characteristics

Water content

  • Where there are distinct rows, vegetation will be sampled (in situ destructive) along the row and row spacing data will be collected.

  • Where crop rows cannot be distinguished, vegetation sampling will take place (in situ destructive) with 3 replicates of 50 x 50 cm grids.

The water content of vegetation samples collected was determined by weighing before and after oven drying (wet weight – dry weight).


Depending on field’s homogeneity, LAI will be measured at 1-2 sites using ground instrumentation. At each site, three replicate LAI measurements will be taken within 10 metres of the centre of the site. Each replicate will consist of multiple overhead hemispherical photos taken diagonally across crop rows. LAI will be collected at each site twice-at the beginning of the field campaign and during the last week of the field campaign.

In addition, at each site, three replicate overhead vertical photos taken within 10 metres of the centre of the site will provide the fractional canopy cover. They can also be used to estimate the LAI.

Height, density, and coverage of vegetation will be also measured.